Monday, September 9, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hello blog friends!

I know you wondered where I've been. Wonder no more! I have had a very busy summer. After writing my last post, I prepared myself for a three week break. I went to Orlando, Fl. for a much needed vacation.  My first stop was in Ft. Myers, though. My youngest sister's best friend lives in Labelle, so we made her place our mini retreat for a few days before the madness of family and park outings.  For four days I did nothing but wake up, eat, relax by the pool for a few hours, and read (oh, I also baked). For me it was bliss!

Here is a photo of the pool and the serene scene I enjoyed. This photo was taken from the pool, which is located outdoors and enclosed in a mesh-type enclosure (all year round). The photo next to that is of the pool itself (that's my sister in the pool).
Scene outside the pool area

The pool
After those four days, we began our vacation in Florida in earnest. We were in Florida to celebrate my sister-in-law's family reunion.  We met up in Orlando on the Saturday before 4th of July for a time of fun with the kids (at theme parks), laughter, and good eats (the in-laws have two brothers who are Chefs as well as their father). The food was 'fine dining' at its best. 

The first theme park we visited was Gatorland. I'm just going to show you the photos and let them do the talking :-).  I will follow up with you in my next post to fill you in on my busy summer. 

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