Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busy Season

Hello all,

I know it's been awhile since I last updated my blog. It's not because of lack of creativity, however - but because I've been very busy!

It all started with Mother's Day. My oldest daughter decided she'd treat all the women in our family (relatives and closed friends) to a Mother's Day dinner - cooked by her. Now that is what I call a treat! In all the years that I raised this child, she never showed an interest in cooking. She was not as resilient as her younger sister, who, when hungry, would go into the kitchen an concoct something to eat. This is my child who was a fast food junkie as a teenager (not because I didn't cook - I did this everyday) but because she found it easier to just buy a hamburger or tacos when she was hungry.

To my amazement, this all changed when she went away to college. Hard times have a way of teaching one survival skills one would not expect to ever need. Cooking became the survival skill for her. When money was scarce, she found it less costly to purchase the ingredients she needed for a complete meal (it was cheaper to buy taco shells and ground beef to make her own tacos, than it was to purchase tacos at a restaurant or fast food store).

Even though she mastered the art of cooking, she hasn't yet attempted to make her own desserts, so she left that up to me.  I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the food she prepared - Spaghetti and Ground Turkey sauce, Salmon steaks and Mashed Potatoes, and for our veggies she baked Asparagus with ground garlic and butter - yum! Anyway, I made a cake and decided to go all out and practiced my decorating skills, lol! It's not professional, but to my family and friends, it doesn't matter. They love the taste and consistency of my cakes. Here's a photo of the cake:

I will try to update you on all the other creative things I've been doing since my last post. Hopefully I can do so in the next coming days.  In the meantime, be blessed!


  1. You think I'm resilient...I'm going to cry. Thanks Mami! :)

    P.s. Lovely cake.

  2. Thank you sweetie. Love you!