Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Not Just about Cardmaking

As much as I love to make cards, there's something that I'm more passionate about and that is creating flyers or anything having to do with Desktop Publishing.  Believe it or not, I find this to be more soothing than cutting, stamping and assembling.  Why? Because I don't have to leave my computer. Everything I do stems from this one place (and my imagination). Once I get a request for a flyer or any type of marketing effort, my mind immediately begins visualizing how to assemble elements that will attract the viewer(s) attention.

A few months ago, a Bible Study group I belong to - Focus Point Small Group - came up with the idea to do mission work to aid the homeless.  Our first project was called "100 Soles for Souls." It became our church's mission project for the Season of Lent and on March 24th we collected over 105 pairs of shoes and enough monetary donations to provide shoes for two local homeless shelters here in Los Angeles.

Our next mission project will target women in the shelters and it's entitled, "A Blouse for a Cause".  This project will provide the women, especially those who are mothers, with a blouse for Mother's Day. I wanted something that would draw attention to our mission and came up with the concept of blouses hanging on a clothesline.  I found what I was looking for here and, using Gimp, made the changes I needed to make the artwork speak for itself.  Here's the final product.

: <a href=''>AnikaSalsera / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

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