Saturday, January 12, 2013

So Busy!

Hi all,

Sorry for not having any posts for you lately, but I was in the midst traveling (my oldest daughter graduated from Texas Southern University in Houston on December 15th) and planning and executing my mother's 90th birthday (the event occurred on December 29, 2012.)  I was busy making and mailing invitations (this is the final product.)  The digi invitation background I used was from Corazón Dulce and purchased here. I used Gimp to change the color of the borders to match the background color in the photo, then colored the foreground of  the invitation in gray. I attached this to a background digi paper also purchased here.

Through this event, we were able to pull together all of my sisters and brothers (this lovely lady had 9 children, 7 girls and 2 boys.) It has been a while since we've all come together.  The last time we did, it was a very trying and difficult period - the death of my oldest sister, who passed in February 2007.

This occasion was more joyous and filled with lots of fun.  Family members arrived from as far as Panamá City, Panamá (my home town) and diverse states in the U.S.  My family is split mainly in three states: there are four of us in CA (my two oldest sisters, myself, and youngest brother); New York (my oldest brother and two youngest sisters), and Illinois (the sister who is immediately after me.)  In addition to all these, we had relatives coming from New York, Texas, D.C., and other areas in CA.

Below is a photo of her on the date of her party as well as a photo of her children.

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