Saturday, October 13, 2012

Space Shuttle US Endeavour

Oh my, I'm so excited! I couldn't resist seeing the US Endeavour space shuttle making its way to the California Science Center. It was making its way in my neighborhood on the streets of Los Angeles and was too much for me to miss! My sister came to pick up my mom and me, and camera in hand, we drove to a friend's house (not too far from my place) and parked the car in her driveway. We only walked about half a block and I was able to take some awesome photos of the space shuttle Endeavour as it was making its way on Crenshaw Boulevard towards MLK Boulevard. Once it made it to that intersection, someone sang the National Anthem (I don't know who because it was too crowded in that area) then the Endeavour proceeded to turn from Crenshaw onto MLK Boulevard.  I took some photos for you to see this amazing sight.  I'm glad I was able to see history being made. Enjoy!
You can see the tail!
Here you see the nose

Getting ready to turn!

Further out


Here it comes!

Oh my!!!

It's turning!

Front view

This is the other end of the Endeavour as it makes its way to its final mission!

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