Saturday, October 13, 2012

Full Circle

Good morning all (or good afternoon depending on your location)! What a glorious Saturday we're enjoying here in the South land. Today is a special day in my neck of the woods because the space shuttle Endeavour is making its way to the California Science Center where it will be part of a special exhibit. I've had a very busy morning. First, trying to get to praise and worship this morning ended up being my exercise for the day. I had to do some walking due to street closures. I'm not complaining, because like I said I did my workout for the day. Anyway, folks are lining up at the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Crenshaw Boulevard to see this marvelous site.  Above is a photo of Endeavor as it flew over the Los Angeles skyline a few weeks back. This photo was taken by a friend of a friend over at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA.

Anyway, getting back to my writing, today I've come full circle with my card making. What do I mean? Well, last Saturday was World Card Making Day and I had every intention of creating as many cards as I could that day. I signed up at a few sites to take part in their blog hops and challenges. But things didn't go exactly as I planned.  We have a saying in Spanish that goes like this "El hombre propone y Dios dispone." Translated: "Man proposes and God disposes." Well, that's what happened to me. I won't even go into details for the phrase says it all. Suffice is to say that I was only able to make one (1) card all day!  I did the challenge here The tutorial is very easy to follow, so I came up with this card. The one good thing that came from that day was that I was inspired to jump start my holiday card making. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to do the same.

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