Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This weekend I was working on two projects.  The first is finished.  One of my church sisters asked if I could make a centerpiece for a table fashioned as a teapot.  This sister and another member of my church will be attending a tea program and she wanted a centerpiece to represent the ladies' from the church. So, I tried to find ideas on how to create this centerpiece.

My research didn't provide me with anything I could use, so I decided to go to the Make the Cut (MTC) forum to see if I could find a teapot I could cut and fashion into a table sign.

Using a teapot design I found in MTC, I sized it to a size I felt would stand out on the table. I used the shadow layer as the background for the teapot.  This is what the MTC file looks like.

I then cut out all parts of the teapot twice in two different shades of green (as requested) and made a scalloped label with the church group's name.  Once I had all parts cut and pasted together, I stamped the
body of the teapot with a flower stamp using Tsukineko's Dew Drop ink (Galaxy Gold). I used Stickles glitter glue (gold) to add bling to the card, then attached the labels with pop-up dots. Once all parts were attached, I glued together the top of the teapot, and the spout.  Once dry, I was able to place the sign on the table to see if it would stand on its own.  Below is the final product.



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